Recognising those who make an exceptional contribution to the global aquaculture industry


Any business or organisation involved in aquaculture can be nominated for the awards. They are judged by a panel of experts from industry and academia. They reward those who:

  • Employ the highest standards of aquaculture husbandry
  • Farm with a high level of environmental awareness
  • Deliver a high quality end product to local, national or international markets

The next awards will be in 2022 and held alongside Aquaculture UK at Aviemore, Scotland on 4 May. Nominations will open early in 2022. For more information contact [email protected].

In the meantime, please enjoy our virtual awards ceremony from 2020.


Best Aquaculture Company

Awarded at the judging panel’s discretion, this category will recognise sustainable practice, business performance, investment, staff management practices and local community involvement. The shortlist will be determined on the basis of information provided by entries across this year’s other categories as well as any additional information that the judges are aware of through their knowledge of the industry.

Finfish Farmer of the Year

This will be awarded to the best hands-on finfish operative – be they technician or manager – for either their consistent excellence across the board or exceptional achievement in one particular aspect of their responsibilities, which has resulted in notable benefits for the farm(s) and the company. Please note that judges may wish to arrange to visit shortlisted nominees at work.

Shellfish Farmer of the Year

This will be awarded to the best hands-on shellfish producer for either their consistent excellence across the board or an exceptional achievement in one particular aspect of their responsibilities, which has resulted in notable benefits for the farm(s) and the company. Please note that judges may wish to arrange to visit shortlisted nominees at work.

Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

The wider industry is invited to nominate any individuals or companies who they feel have enhanced how the wider public, politicians, regulators or stakeholders perceive the industry, or have made an outstanding contribution to the sector through their work.

Environmental Impact Award

Companies and individuals are invited to enter this category, which will recognise an initiative that has contributed significantly to the environmental sustainability of the business. This will cover areas such as: containment, predator management, wild stock interactions, waste management and mitigation, treatment strategies, visual amenity and collaborative resource management.


Aquaculture Supplier of the Year

Open to any supplier which has shown commitment to any of the following: quality of products, services, technical advice and input, back-up service and communication, and R&D to further the economic performance and sustainability of the aquaculture industry. Entrants could be suppliers of aquaculture products or suppliers of goods and services to fish and shellfish producers.

Community Initiative

This will be awarded to an individual, company or organisation that has enhanced the industry’s relationship with the local communities which host it, with particular focus on supporting local services, charities and culturally valuable initiatives.

Economic Sustainability Award

This will be awarded to the developer of a farming or business practice that has made a significant and positive contribution to the economic sustainability of the business – be it improving financial performance, creating jobs and improving worker welfare, or enhancing the efficiency of the company as a whole.

Animal Welfare

Entries are open to any initiative that has improved the welfare of farmed fish and/or the wildlife they interact with. Initiatives can cover a range of factors, including genetic, pharmaceutical and technological innovations, or improvements in husbandry and farm management protocols.


Innovation Award

Companies or individuals are invited to enter this category, in which the judges will look for evidence of any innovation that has made a significant contribution to, among other factors, production performance, animal welfare, processing, health and safety, sustainability or product development. This can be demonstrated in one of the following areas:
– Use of existing or new technology
– Staff management and training
– Farming practices

Rising Star Award

This category aims to mark the achievements of the up-and-coming generation of the industry and entries/nominations will be open to all under-35s. The award celebrates the talent and ambition of a youthful employee or apprentice within the industry, recognising outstanding talent and encouraging rising stars to become tomorrow’s industry leaders.

People’s Choice Award

In addition to the 13 award categories decided by our judging panel, there will be an opportunity for the aquaculture industry to recognise the most inspiring and innovative of all the nominees via The Aquaculture UK People’s Choice Award. Delegates at Aviemore and readers of The Fish Site will be able to vote for any company or individual that makes the shortlist of any of the other award categories.


Unsung Hero

Celebrating the people who’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes in any aspect of aquaculture. This new category has been launched to give credit to the stalwarts of the sector who’ve shunned the limelight but have put in no shortage of dedicated, valuable hard work over the years.


A new category to mark initiatives in which companies and/or academic institutions have opted to work together to solve key challenges facing the industry, eschewing competition in favour of the good of the sector as a whole.


As the world population continues to rise, and with landings from capture fisheries static, the increasing demand for food from our waters will have to be met by aquaculture. Our Aquaculture Awards recognise excellence vital to the continuing development of a sustainable worldwide aquaculture industry, including contributions in areas such as innovation, research, improvement of welfare standards, and aquaculture management, production and supply.

Aquaculture Awards


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